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Wealth simulator

See how much monthly passive income you can have based on your assets and investments. Simply enter some basic information in our wealth simulator

After 20 years, you can generate a passive income of 1 139 €/months for a future wealth of 341 789 €.


20 years

Current wealth



This one is made up of 120 000 € in contributions and 121 789 € in interests, for a monthly income of 1 139 € from year 20

Future value

372 642 €

Included capital gains

152 642 €

Net future value

341 789 €

Monthly income

1 139 €

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This tool is for information purposes only. It should not be considered as financial advice.

How to use the wealth simulator?

The wealth simulator is very simple to use. First, you need to enter your current assets and their allocation between stock market assets and other types of assets. Other assets include everything other than stock market assets (property, crypto, passbooks, etc.). You then enter the amount you are saving each year, the breakdown between the two asset types, the number of years you will be saving, the expected rates of return and the tax rate for each asset class. Finally, you enter the capital withdrawal rate and theinflation rate. A withdrawal rate of 4% is often preferred, as recommended in the fire movement.

If you don't know where to start when it comes to determining how much you're willing to invest, you can try our budget calculator.

Understanding the results of the simulator

The simulator shows you the passive income that you will be able to generate at the end of your savings period (also known as the accumulation period). This income is based on the use of your assets and takes into account all the parameters you have entered in the simulator. The graph shows how your assets change over time, between your initial assets, your payments and the interest.

How to achieve financial independence?

Financial independence is a dream, but few people know how to achieve it. At Finary, we've developed a tool that makes it easy to prepare for financial independence. This tool is Predict. Predict runs 5,000 simulations, based on our proprietary algorithms, to determine the age at which you will be financially independent. We take into account your actual assets connected to Finary, inflation and we even give you optimization guidelines to improve your progress!

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