Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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March 1, 2023

February 2023 Product Update

February is the shortest month, but we decided to make the most of it.

Our mantra: improve the existing and build the future.

28 days, hundreds of improvements.

Let me tell you all about it...

📱 A delightful dashboard

An instant favorite for many members of our team!

The dashboard is the centerpiece of Finary. It is the page that you, our users, consult most often. It was therefore essential for me to allow you to see the performance of your assets at a glance, and to be able to navigate more easily to better understand how to invest.

Ever felt like jumping from the dashboard straight into your portfolio? Say no more. You can now click on your top performing assets on the dashboard and directly deep-dive into the portfolio view.

My favorite part? The graphs, designed with great care by our team of designers, so that you can easily understand the evolution of your assets.

I've also decided to add a new logo screen when the app is loading and delightful new background screens for even more delight... Want to see more?

Discover the Dashboard

🏢 Real estate 2.0

Increased transparency for our new real estate estimation.

A topic that has been heavily discussed in our community: you wanted to know more about how we, and our partner Price Hubble, automatically estimate the value of your properties.

On the menu, increased transparency for our real estate estimation 2.0:

  • Clear view of the sources used
  • Confidence index
  • Explanation of the performance calculation
  • Price per m2 is now available
  • Comparison of price per m2 in the same geographical area

I can't wait to get your feedbacks on this one!

Discover Real Estate 2.0

📃 All your wealth in a single click

Your banker is going to love it.

The wealth statement is a topic that you have been advocating for a long time in the community. It has gone through many iterations to get it just right.

Now, with one click, you can share your entire wealth with your financial team, bankers and wealth advisors.

Once again, Finary makes your life easier.

Discover my new Wealth Statement

💻  Small changes. Big impact.

New features for February.

And that's not it!

The team improved existing features, fixed bugs and worked tirelessly on other topics such as :

  • Crypto staking : To ensure the same experience on our app and on the desktop version, we now included the “staked” label for crypto assets on the app. You can now easily identify, which crypto assets are staked and generating income, and which don’t.
  • A new onboarding flow. I want to know you better, to create a tailor-made experience that fits your needs. In the new onboarding survey you'll be asked about your investing experience, your goals, and how you found us.
  • Last but not least : we added the changelog that was long requested from our community. For every release, you will find here, what’s new, fixed or improved in the app.

💰 Our community gets a fresh look

An improved design so you can get all the answers you need at glance.

I've always wanted to give you a space so you can talk about your finances, discuss investment opportunities, and help me co-construct Finary.

All of Finary's major features were built based on feedback from the community, and I decided it was time to give this space a fresh look, so you can find better what you're looking for, whether it be advice, opinions or an idea to share with us

Our community is waiting for you!

You can join the English-speaking board right here and start chatting, submitting your ideas and giving your feedbacks.

Join the community

Still reading this?

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Here is our latest episode with Matthieu Broquere, Partner at Cedrus & Partners where he told us the secrets of billionaires.

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No more time lost every week on spreadsheets. No more complex calculations and headaches to understand the hidden fees behind your investments.

Thanks to Finary Plus, you are now able to just focus your time and energy on more crucial (or fun) matters !

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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir is the co-founder and CEO of Finary. He is passionate about personal finances and shares his knowledge every Friday on BFM Business on the show Tout pour Votre Argent as well as twice a week on the Finary YouTube channel.

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