Manage your  personal and professional assets
in one place

Get a tailored view of your wealth! Switch between professional and personal financial landscapes, ensuring a focused and relevant overview every time
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Easy to Setup
Track the performance of all your accounts easily. Setup in 5 minutes via our connectors.
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Tailored view for your needs
Visualize your assets with beautiful charts. Choose different visualisations & see your PnL in net value & percentage.
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We don't store your credentials and initiate transactions on your accounts. Our access level is “read-only”.

The bestasset tracking tool

  • All your investments in one place : Savings, accounts, Real estate, Stocks, ETFs etc...
  • Know exactly how your portfolio performs, with detailed charts per assets type & accounts
  • Get insights & understand how to optimize your performance.

Whatever your structure, situation
we help you track

Finary adapts to the diversity of entrepreneurial structures, accepting a wide range of legal forms: LLC, Inc., GmbH, SAS, SA and many more

Optimize the management of your assets via our platform, specially designed for the holding mode.

Save time and money

On average, to connect all your accounts, whether it's your business account, your loans, etc...
On average, hours saved every month by your accountant in tracking and recording your transactions.
Get a clear overview of your assets and measure your performance.
These measures relate to Finary Pro members who were customers in December 2023 and are given as examples only.
Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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the ultimate
Finary experience

For advanced investors who want to track their personal and business assets
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For investors starting out on their investment journey
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What our users say

I would recommend Finary to all self-employed people who have several accounts, a holding company and who would like to have an overview of their business and personal assets. My accountant is now convinced and saves many hours each month in follow-up.
Louis - Dentist
I highly recommend Finary Pro, and I've been talking about it a lot around me. In my opinion, it's the best solution for keeping track of your business and personal assets all in one place.
Sarah - Lawyer
I created my Finary account for its interface and ease of use! As I'm constantly on the move, I like to keep track of my professional and personal assets with a 100% online interface, without having to juggle between applications.
Julien - CEO in a construction company
How much does Finary Pro cost?

Finary Pro costs €349.99/year, or €6.73 a week.

How does the free trial work?

You can start your free 14-day trial when you want. If you cancel during your trial, your account will be downgraded and you'll lose access to all Pro features.

What's included in Finary Pro?

Finary Pro members can connect their professional accounts and add their various entities (holdings), as well as access all Finary Plus functionalities (fee analysis, dividend calendar, performance reports, sector & geographical allocation, asset simulation and priority access to support and our new functionalities).

What's the difference between Finary Plus and Finary Pro?

Finary Pro is the ultimate Finary experience, with all the features of Finary Plus, plus the ability to connect your business accounts, and track your various business entities.

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