We are Finary

An independent Startup that is building your Personal Finance OS

How we invest has changed. New asset classes have emerged and costs have gone down. The one big issue? The technology powering financial institutions hasn't kept up.

We created Finary to change that

Backed by the best in the business

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Our Story

Mounir and Julien met 8 years ago. Julien co-founded and sold Recast.AI to SAP while Mounir was part of the Captain Train / Trainline adventure. After their respective exits, they realized investing is still way too complex.

Portfolio tracking is the first step of a good investment strategy. Since they couldn't find a satisfying platform to do so, they created Finary in late 2020. The objective? Become the financial OS of a new bread of investors.

Bringing transparency to an opaque industry

Financial services are untransparent for a reason: they milk their clients without providing any value. We do the opposite: public roadmap, no ads, no data selling. Our business model is based on Finary Plus. That's it.

Our passionate Team


Fondateur & CEO

  • Linkedin Mounir
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Fondateur & CTO

  • Linkedin Julien
  • Twitter Julien


Lead Front-end

  • Linkedin Jonathan
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Lead Back-end

  • Linkedin François
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Lead Data Science

  • Linkedin Paul


Growth Lead

  • Linkedin Romain
  • Twitter Romain


Head of product

  • Linkedin Julien



  • Linkedin Bilal


Software engineer

  • Linkedin Domink


Head of design

  • Linkedin Alexis

Learn from other investors

The community is the heart of Finary. Share insights, discuss investment ideas and vote on new features. First-timers or veteran investors, you are all welcome.

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