Stress-Free Investing with DCA

Invest in crypto without any hidden fees, reduce the exposure to market volatility, transfer your crypto to your own wallet, or let it safeguard by us.
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No hidden fees, 100% Transparency
200 000+ users
Rated 4.8 | 5000+ reviews
DASP registered
by the AMF
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Easy to setup

Effortless and swift configuration.Start your investment journey with just a few taps, on your mobile.
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Fair price & low fees

A fair price, low costs and no surprises.We are committed to transparent service, with no unnecessary or unexpected charges
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Regulated by France’s AMF

Under the aegis of the AMF.We operate in compliance with strict regulations for your peace of mind.

Secured by design

Your cryptos belong to you! We don't use or lend your assets without your permission.

Invest on auto-pilot

Reduce market stress: Set up recurring investments at regular intervals, without the hassle of market monitoring.
Reduce the risks associated with volatility: Spread your investment over time, reduce the impact of market volatility and minimize downside risks.
Disciplined Approach: Instill a disciplined investment strategy by consistently contributing fixed amounts, fostering a long-term wealth-building mindset.
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What our users are saying

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Before Finary, I was overwhelmed by the crypto market's volatility. But with their Crypto DCA approach, I've been able to invest consistently and confidently, turning market fluctuations into opportunities.
Plus plan Finary
Kevin B - Software Developer
This is simply the best way to start investing in Crypto. Easy to setup, no need to time the market, my investment is done automatically every month.
Plus plan Finary
Jess B - Entrepreneur
Finary really helped me to take the plunge and invest in crypto! The registration process was smooth & done in minutes & setting up my DCA plan was straightforward.
Plus plan Finary
Arthur C - Product Manager

VIP Program

The VIP program is available for deposits of €25,000 or more at Finary.
The more euros you deposit in total, the more attractive your commissions.
Accumulated deposits
100 000€
50 000€
25 000€
Fees (buy/sell)
0.99 - 1.49%
VIP hotline

Asset directory

We ensure the security of your data

Crypto-currency trading is offered by Finary through its partner Bitstamp, both registered by the AMF as DASPs (Digital Asset Service Provider) and both located in France.
We protect your Finary account with AES 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2 to secure data in transit. For extra protection, we enable two-factor authentication by default.
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Start investing 3 simple steps

Create your saving plan
Select one of our strategies or make your custom plan. It’s up to you.
Let’s check your ID
Submit a valid identification document, and we will verify that's indeed you.
Top up your account & lean back
Your account is created, your investment plan setup.
Relax & let your investment on auto-pilot.

All about fees

At Finary we care about transparency and fees. Therefore we offer you the simplest fee structure for our crypto invest product. We don’t add any hidden fees and we don’t add any mark-up to the execution price!

To know more about fees, you can visit this page.

Is my crypto mine?

Yes, you really own your Crypto.  
During the start of our beta testing phase, your crypto is held 1:1 within Bitstamp’s custody solution. Bitstamp is a trusted Crypto Player since 2011 and a DASP registered in France (E2023-064). This means they have to comply with French laws. Your assets are stored in your name, and not in Finary’s name!

🔜 Soon you will have the option to transfer your crypto directly to your own external wallet.

Is investing with Finary secure?

Your cryptos are safely held by our registered partner Bitstamp, an audited, and information security certified exchange. On top of that Finary is located and registered in France and is your point of contact for any question related to your cryptos.
Investing in crypto carries risks, particularly of capital loss and volatility. To find out more, click here. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Invest in crypto now

Join +200,000 investors on Finary and build your own crypto savings plan.
Attractive fees, DASP registered and neat interface
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