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Embrace a smarter way to manage your finances with Cashflow. it's your financial command center, intuitively guiding you to make informed, effective financial decisions with ease and confidence.
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Fast, easy to setup
Add all your account and Finary will generate your cashflow in no time. Setup usually takes 5min for our users.
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Detailed & Customisable
Visualize your transactions and assets with beautiful charts.
You can dig into each categories to monitor your expenses and even create new custom categories.
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We protect your privacy. We strictly enforce GDPR. Our privacy policy as well as all the rules around handling your personal data have been prepared by leading law firms like Bold.

Regain control of your finances

Prepare for financial freedom
Follow transactions seamlessly in every bank account, giving you a complete financial overview
See the big picture
Experience a visual representation of your cash flow with the famous Sankey chart that will help you to better understand your financial trends and patterns
Personalization through Custom Categories
Create new categories to tailor the app to your unique financial needs and preferences
AI-Powered Categorization
Finary AI categorizes transactions intelligently, giving precise insights into your spending habits. This will help you make informed decisions with ease.
Smart Rules categorization
Set a rule to automatically categorize all past and future transactions based on name matching in one click offering flexibility and precision in your finances
Prepare for financial freedom
Use our advanced algorithms to simulate the evolution of your assets over 30 years in line with your objectives.
Manage your cashflow & your budget
Take control of your finances to maximize your savings with our budgeting tools
Understand your investor profile
Analyze your allocation, risk level and debt ratio in detail
Keep track of your family's assets
Organize your family finances with ease and precision.
Get inspired by the community
Evaluate your performance in relation to the Finary community.
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How to manage your budget with Finary?


Smart Spending, Smarter Saving

In the "Money Out" tab, you'll see a concise breakdown of your expenses. It's practical and informative, providing a clear picture of where your money is going.

Drill down into each spending category to examine individual transactions. This detailed view assists in identifying spending patterns and areas for budget adjustments, leading to smarter financial management and savings strategies.

Synchronize your assets
money in

Your earnings, 

your way

The "Money In" tab offers a clear view of your income sources. It's straightforward, showing where your earnings come from, and helps you track and understand your income better.

Synchronize your accounts

The ultimate budgeting app

Banks & institutions
+20 000
Centralize all your wealth
Ad-free experience
Invest directly in the app
Monthly report
Smart rules

What our users say

The Cashflow feature of Finary helped me identify where I was overspending, allowing me to save about 200 euros in a few months. It's an excellent tool for those looking to get a better overview of their finances.
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Agathe J - Marketing Project Manager
Since I started using Finary's cashflow, I spend less time checking my expenses. Before, it used to take me hours every week, but now it's just a matter of minutes. This has particularly helped me to better plan my future purchases and vacations.
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Daniel L - Doctor
Setting up my Cashflow was surprisingly simple thanks to the AI-based automatic categorization feature. I was able to get everything set up in just 10 minutes. This makes the tool very accessible for those looking for a quick and smart way to organize their finances.
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Jeanne B - Accountant

Track your budget in 
3 simple steps

Link your acounts
Thanks to our connectors, you can synchronize accounts from over 20,000 banks and institutions in the blink of an eye.
Let us categorize your transactions
Thanks to our AI-enhanced automatic categorization, all your transactions are sorted by expense categories.
Get ready to better manage your budget
Your account is created, your accounts are synchronized, you are ready to better understand your budget and make savings.
How are my transactions categorized by default?

By default, transactions will be categorized across these different expense categories: Auto & Transport, Subscriptions and Bills, Cash & Checks, Business & Work, Food & Drink, Investment, Health, Loan Repayment, Refunds, Taxes, Transfers, Essential Needs…

Can I exclude transactions from my analysis?

Of course, if some transactions are not relevant in the analysis of your budget, such as a transfer between two accounts (which is not a real expense), you can indeed exclude it from the analysis.

Can I customize my transaction categories?

It is entirely possible to customize transaction categories using smart rules, by selecting only transactions that meet certain criteria (e.g., contains the word, greater/lesser than, etc.)

How does the Sankey diagram work?

This diagram illustrates how money is allocated or spent. The larger the amount allocated to a category, the wider the associated line, allowing for a quick and clear visualization of where most of the money in the budget is going.

In our case, the left side represents the entries (all your sources of income) and on the right your outflows (investments and expenses).

Does Finary have access to my accounts?

We do not store your login information and do not perform transactions on your accounts. Our level of access is "read-only".

Can Finary see my expenses?

Your transactions are stored in a database so that we can assign them categories and display them to you. The only access to this database does not allow linking a transaction to a person.

A limited number of members of the technical team and support team can access it for debugging or support needs upon your request.

Managing your money has never been so easy

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