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See if you’re losing money through hidden fees in mutual funds or your 401k. Stop overpaying Wall Street!

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In-depth analysis of your portfolio. Identify the winners, and take better investment decisions!

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Finary Plus analyzes your asset allocations, calculates key ratios, and allows you to benchmark yourself against other investors.

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Track your dividends

Track your upcoming and past dividends thanks to Finary Plus.

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Optimize your allocation

Improve your risk management with our Sector and Geographical allocation feature.

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tracked on Finary

At first, sharing my personal data made me nervous. I've been sharing the platform for a few months and the experience is amazing! Great UX and a lot of integrations with banks & brokers.

Amazing product! I'm a big fan of the vision and having a real-time view of my investments is simply unique.

You launched the tool I've been waiting for! I finally got rid of my spreadsheet and track everything on Finary.

I was looking for a simple solution that allowed me to track my wealth. I was able to add my investment accounts, my condo, and my crypto holdings in minutes on Finary. This is simply unique!

Finary built what all banks never managed to do: a comprehensive and secure portfolio tracker. It's pretty obvious that the platform was developed by a team that's passionate about finance.

I started investing more lately and purchased multiple rental units. On top of that, I have investment accounts and crypto. Finary allows me to centralize everything into one slick dashboard. Well done!

It's very easy to see an overview of my entire portfolio. I can track both my crypto and stock trades on one single platform.

This is simply the best portfolio tracker! Smooth onboarding, real-time price updates, and a team that listens to its users. A must-have for all investors.

Finary does exactly what it says on the tin: a slick and comprehensive portfolio tracker with a beautiful design.

My to-go app for everything finance! Being spread between multiple investment platforms and countries, I was in desperate need of a tracker that has it all. Finary does exactly that.

Finary gives a real-time overview of my investments. No more wasting time updating my spreadsheet!

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