It's been a few weeks since our crypto investment plan was launched. Thousands of you are already taking advantage of it, investing in DCA over a diversified basket of cryptocurrencies. The ability to deposit euros for free by instant transfers, reduced transaction fees, and ease of use are among your favorite benefits.

To thank you for this launch, we've decided to go a step further: we are lowering the fees on all purchase transactions to 0.49% for 72 hours. This offer is valid from today, October 18, 2023, at 6 PM until Saturday, October 21, 2023, at 6 PM.

These reduced fees will be automatically applied to all clients. They pertain to purchases made through your investment plan, or those carried out in cash (spot). The fees for sale transactions remain unchanged.

That's not all.

We are also inaugurating a VIP service for users who have deposited more than €5,000 into their Finary account. This VIP service provides access to exclusive benefits:

  • Access to customer service by phone
  • Assistance with setting up
  • Reduced commissions based on amounts

This total includes all your deposits since the opening of the crypto investment plan. If you are already Finary Plus and have deposited more than €5,000, we will credit you an additional month.