Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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March 6, 2022

What's new in February 2022

Fundraising, Revolut Trading, numerous mobile & Crowdcube improvements

A raise of €8M (and you?)

Here we go!

We are pleased to announce a new round of €8 million with our historical investors Speedinvest and Y Combinator as well as the founders of Qonto and Bitpanda.

In addition, we will soon be offering our users the opportunity to become a Finary shareholder. You can now register to be the first to know about our dedicated page.

🔌 Crowdcube integration

Following the announcement of crowdfunding, we were busy and you can now follow all your investments via Crowdcube in Finary.

So you will soon be able to follow your investments in Finary in Finary (it's very meta, we love it).

To add your account Crowdcube on your account, it is by hither.

🔌 Revolut Trading just a click away

It's a double win this month in terms of new integrations because we also connected Revolut Trading to Finary. This integration is an exclusive one, and is one of the most requested by our community

🤓 More readable numbers on the web

We have just implemented a few small ergonomic improvements on our website:

  • The numbers in French are now properly formatted: spaces are used as a separator of thousands and commas have replaced periods before decimals (English numbers have undergone a similar facelift);
  • The table ofthe Portfolio now has colors in order to better identify your assets in the portfolio tracking graph;

💌 Mobile notifications

You can (or even should!) now subscribe to notifications in our iOS and Android application. For now, this will allow you to stay informed about our crowdfunding campaign.

It's bad!
It's good!

Eventually you will be able to receive notifications about your real estate estimates, your freshly paid dividends and your best performing assets.

🥰 Our users say it better than we do

We recently had the opportunity to have users come to our offices to ask them what they think of Finary. Here's what they think:

If you also want to visit us, do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected]

Otherwise, a quick opinion on theAppstore Or the Playstore will be enough to make the whole team smile.

🧰 Various improvements

- One new menu is now available to more easily set up your account;

- The modification of assets in the “Other assets” class is now available in the mobile app;

- You can now Linking a loan to real estate in order to calculate your net holding. Loan details are also visible in the mobile app;

- All asset classes now have a dedicated allocation chart in the mobile app.

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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir is the co-founder and CEO of Finary. He is passionate about personal finances and shares his knowledge every Friday on BFM Business on the show Tout pour Votre Argent as well as twice a week on the Finary YouTube channel.

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