Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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April 7, 2024

March 2024 Product Update


1200 days after launching Finary, my obsession hasn't changed: to give you the best platform to tracking and managing your money. In March, the team's priority was to completely overhaul an essential aspect of Finary: performance calculation.

We also improved the budget section with the addition of spending targets, and added new crypto integrations!

 📏 The True Measure of Performance

Measuring performance is a crucial aspect of investing. One cannot improve what one does not measure. Our performance calculation system was not up to your standards: impossible percentages, unclear calculations, and difficulty understanding the link between the performance of each line and the overall portfolio. Furthermore, our exponential growth made the system complex to maintain.

Six months ago, we overhauled everything. We said goodbye to the historical system that had been in place since Finary's launch, and hello to a brand new architecture. Not only is it much more scalable and faster, but it also allows for a fair calculation of your performance. The team also took this opportunity to clarify the performance display on the web and app.

We now display only your latent gain or loss, also called +/- value. It's the difference between your unit purchase price (or cost price, "CPP") and the current price at a given moment. This calculation ignores deposits and withdrawals. We only calculate your +/- value when a purchase price is indicated.

We calculate the capital appreciation/loss value only for certain investments. Bank accounts, euro funds, crowdlending, loans, and other savings accounts are therefore excluded. It is still possible that you may notice discrepancies in your calculations. Here is a list of the most common cases.

💰 Invest More Thanks to Budget Goals

A healthy budget is the indispensable foundation for optimized wealth management. For a few months now, our new Budget section has allowed you to manage this essential aspect of your wealth directly on Finary.

You can now set spending goals by category, such as €750 per month on "Food & Drinks". Then, you'll see your progress in the current month, as well as numerous statistics: average expenses, 12-month performance, the weight of the category in your overall expenses, number of transactions, best streak...

Finary's goal with this new feature? To help you limit your expenses to maximize your investments. A little bonus: you can indicate if exceeding a goal is beneficial. In the case of investments, this is obviously the case!

🚀 Link new blockchains to your Account

Tracking crypto is a key part of the Finary experience. You could already connect many blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, etc. We've made it possible for you to connect your wallets from 3 new blockchains: Solana, Polkadot, and Ripple. We retrieve your spot positions, as well as staking!

You can add your wallets on these different blockchains, and we'll take care of retrieving your spot positions and as well as staked coins! We'll be adding more integrations over the coming months. Vote for your favorite integrations on our community to help prioritize them.

🎥 Save €44,077 on your hidden fees!

I released a new video on Youtube to show you how Finary Insights can help you to save big on hidden fees, optimize the diversification of your portfolio or even reach financial independence!

The video is in french but you can enable english subtitles.

Finally, don't forget to unlock the full power of Finary with Finary Plus.

No more time lost every week on spreadsheets. No more complex calculations and headaches to understand the hidden fees behind your investments. Get everything Finary has to offer for a flat fee.

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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir is the co-founder and CEO of Finary. He is passionate about personal finances and shares his knowledge every Friday on BFM Business on the show Tout pour Votre Argent as well as twice a week on the Finary YouTube channel.

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