Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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May 5, 2024

April 2024 Product Update

This month has been dedicated to two things: improving the core Finary experience, wealth tracking, and making your life easier on your crypto tax return. Here is everything to know!

📑 One-click tax statements for Invest

If you've invested in crypto through Finary in 2023, there's a good chance you've made some gains. French tax residents need to declare their crypto gains. Our new transaction export will make this easier for you. Receive all your purchases and sales in an easy-to-read CSV format.

We've also partnered with Waltio, the expert in crypto tax declarations, for a unique offer. To take advantage of it, go to your portfolio → Crypto → Finary Invest. There, you can securely connect your Finary Invest account to Waltio in just one click, and automatically generate your declaration.

The declaration is free for the first 50 transactions. Beyond that, a Waltio subscription is required. We've negotiated benefits for you: all users benefit from a 10% discount.

If you're a Finary Plus or Pro member, you'll receive a €40 discount. Finally, VIP Platinum members get a €99 discount, which enables them to obtain the Waltio declaration free of charge. You can change your subscription or upgrade your VIP status now to benefit from this advantage!

🔢 The power of numbers

The team has been laser-focused on adding small new features and fixing technical issues all around the wealth tracking experience. Here are my favorite ones:

Sub-categories (Web & App):

You can now categorize all your transactions in 93 new sub-categories. Our current 19 categories are enriched with many options to help you build a much more granular budget tracking. The web version will be available in the coming weeks.

If you haven't tried our budget feature yet, now's the time! You can now enjoy the current month for free.

Linking Accounts (Web & App):

Each bank and investment platform offers different accounts types. We are able to synchronize some, but not others. Note: the app version will be available in the next release.

Asset Class Redesign (App):

The sections dedicated to each of your asset classes (e.g., "Stocks & Funds") have been beautified and are more readable. You can now easily change the period for calculating your performance or quickly navigate to your chart.

Two-Factor Authentication (App):

The security of your data is our priority. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, has been available on our web version since 2021. You can now set it up via the App Settings.

Password & PIN Code Change (App):

We continue on the theme of security by adding the ability to change your password and PIN code directly from the app. Go to the settings to take advantage of it.

Finally, don't forget to unlock the full power of Finary with Finary Plus.

No more time lost every week on spreadsheets. No more complex calculations and headaches to understand the hidden fees behind your investments. Get everything Finary has to offer for a flat fee.

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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir is the co-founder and CEO of Finary. He is passionate about personal finances and shares his knowledge every Friday on BFM Business on the show Tout pour Votre Argent as well as twice a week on the Finary YouTube channel.

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