Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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September 12, 2022

Managing your family portfolio has never been easier

When you invest, it's often a group effort. Sharing a loan or having a joint account is part of everyday life. It can be frustrating to have a clear and precise vision of all joint investments in order to know: who holds what?

Until now, the only answer was complicated and time-consuming accounting. Wasting precious moments by requiring regular manual updates. Not to mention the considerable amount of paperwork that had to be prepared for each new investment in order to provide a clear understanding to the banks… In short, a tedious task.

The solution? It comes from our community! Family mode was one of the most anticipated features on Finary thanks to your feedback.

You told us so in your votes (164!) and in the hundred or so interviews we conducted.

Our research was therefore directed towards a multi-account mode to allow you to manage your family's assets directly via Finary :

Research sketch "Family Mode" by the Design team (April 2022)

We have designed this tech nugget in the line of Predict to offer you an accessible and accurate solution. Simple, but far from basic. Our developers have modified more than 50% of our code and changed nearly 400 files to make it easy for you to allocate your investments to different members of your family. An all-time record in Finary history!

Activate Family Mode

Just open Finary and you'll be able to manage your family's assets in a few clicks! Here’s how:

  1. Add a family member

2. Identify the investments in which they have a stake, and define the allocation per investment

3. You can also manually or synchronously add new investments to this new member

4. You can then view the precise assets of each member at a glance

Re-discover Finary as a Family

Thanks to Finary, every family member can now have access to information concerning the family's assets in an ultra-secure way. No need to share myriad credentials at various institutions, everything is centralized in Finary.

It's a feature that will also allow you to share your passion for Finary with your loved ones: by giving them a clear and accurate view of everyone's wealth. Financial education is the keystone of a well-managed portfolio!

And of course, you can choose your Family. So if you have investments in common with friends or colleagues, you'll be able to keep track of those on the app as well.

A new light for better investments, better building your future and that of your loved ones: this is what Finary offers today to its community.

The Family mode is available in the Finary app (link to app stores) and soon on the web for all our Finary Plus users at no additional cost.

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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
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Mounir Laggoune
CEO of Finary
Mounir is the co-founder and CEO of Finary. He is passionate about personal finances and shares his knowledge every Friday on BFM Business on the show Tout pour Votre Argent as well as twice a week on the Finary YouTube channel.

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