We ended 2023 in style with a firework display of new features. The whole team has been working hard to bring you as many gifts as possible for the holiday season. Make yourself comfortable, and I'll show you what's inside.

💸 See your cash flow

A healthy budget is the cornerstone of a great investment strategy. You'll (finally) be able to manage your budget directly on Finary's app or web platform.

Manage your budget easily

To do this, head over to your new Cashflow tab. Here you'll find a monthly summary of all your income and expenses. All your linked account transactions are automatically categorized thanks to the power of Finary AI. Our categorization is flexible: you can re-categorize a transaction, and even create your own categories. Every cashflow is unique!

We also calculate the monthly deficit or surplus. This surplus you can theoretically put to work by investing. Ready to take your cashflow into your own hands?

Note: you need to install version 2.8.3 to use this feature on App

✨ Finary Wrapped

2023 was an eventful year: record inflation, soaring interest rates, all-time highs on European equity markets. As we just closed the chapter of 2023, the Finary team has prepared a nice surprise for you: your personal financial retrospective!

Called "Finary Wrapped", it's a real movie about your personal finances in 2023.

Your 2023 financial retrospective

Here's an overview of what you'll find:

  • Total performance and best month
  • Best (and worst) investments
  • Insights on your budget
  • Community activity

The icing on the cake: you'll find a surprise at the very end of your Wrapped. So, grab your favorite snack, settle in comfortably, fire up the Finary App and join us on a retrospective journey of your financial milestones this year as we pay a tribute to 2023!

Note: you need to install version 2.8.3 to use this feature

🛠️ Other fixes & improvements

  • App - Added 11 new coins for you to Invest in (including Polkadot and Synthetix)
  • Web - Enabled compiled graph on the Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts & Credit Cards
  • 30+ fixes of various bugs & small issues

☝️ One last thing…

The Finary team keeps growing! We are currently hiring for multiple positions, including:

Feel free to apply or forward the job description to your friends!

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