Gauthier Derilleux-Bes
Product Designer
Gauthier Derilleux-Bes
Product Designer
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February 27, 2024

Take back control of your spendings with Budget

Since the release of the first version of our Budget feature (formerly called Cashflow), we have continued to iterate and offer you new improvements.

Some were already planned, and others were suggested by our awesome community.

In just a few weeks, we’ve introduced many new features to help you tailor your budget to your preferences, personalize it to best suit your needs, and make your experience smoother.

Explore improvements

🪄 Smart Rules: Automatic and future-proof categorization

Categorize past & future transactions in one tap

One of the earliest and most significant updates to our Budget feature was the introduction of Smart rules.

Smart rules enable you to set a categorization rule for a set of transactions that share common words. This feature allows for the re-categorization of multiple past transactions simultaneously, as well as any future transactions that meet the rule's criteria.

This eliminates the need to manually recategorize transactions every time they are incorrectly categorized. Simply set up your rule once, and it will automatically be applied to all relevant past and future transactions.

To establish a Smart rule, start by reassigning a transaction to a new category. After this change, a prompt will appear, asking if you want to create a rule for this new category. Looking ahead, we plan to expand the customization options for Smart rules and introduce a specific area for managing them.

⚙️ Filter your budget on different accounts or categories

Only display the things that matter

Including every transaction from all your accounts in your cash flow might not always provide a clear picture. Recognizing this, we added new filters to enable you to exclude specific accounts or categories.

This enhancement helps you concentrate on the most crucial data and minimizes the clutter from accounts or categories that are not relevant to your analysis.

Set your Budget right

✏️ Edit each transaction

Edit your transaction data in one tap

Transaction editing is a key feature for fixing mistakes or further customizing your experience.

You can now:

  • Adjust the date of a transaction to reposition it temporally (for instance, reassigning a salary meant for the next month that was credited at the end of the current month).
  • Change the name of a transaction for greater clarity. Although we already simplify transaction names upon retrieval, you might wish to make them even more straightforward or personalized, which is now feasible.

Edit your transactions

🎨 Create your own categories tailored to your expenses

Create your own categories

Customization lies at the core of our feature, as we aim for each user experience to be distinct and specifically aligned with individual needs.

To support this, we introduced the option to create custom categories. These categories are designed to work seamlessly with intelligent rules, guaranteeing an experience that is both personalized and efficient.

Create your own categories

✔ The power of multiple selection for grouped actions

Edit multiple transactions at once

We've introduced a new feature that allows you to select several transactions simultaneously and apply various actions to them in a single step, such as removing them from analysis or reallocating them to a different category.

To use this feature, you can click on the transaction category icon on both web and mobile platforms, or long-press on a transaction when using mobile. This will enable you to perform the aforementioned actions on all selected transactions in one go.

Discover multiple select

🎯 Mark your expenses

Mark transactions in one tap

Our product development is highly user-driven, and one feature request from our community quickly gained prominence: transaction marking. Many people have financial review routines, and to make this easier, it’d help marking reviewed transactions.

With Finary, marking a transaction has been made straightforward. Just go to the transaction you want to tag, tap on it to view details, and choose "Mark transaction". After doing so, a green indicator will show up on that transaction in your list.

For even a quicker access, feel free to swipe to the left to reveal exclusion & marking actions!

Mark your transactions

And many more to come… 👀

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional budgeting app experience and will persist in adding new features. Anticipate seeing the product undergo significant advancements in the near future. Here's what's on our roadmap:

  • The ability to set a target budget for each category (With historical data, insights, etc.)
  • Better management of deferred debit cards
  • Continuous improvement of our automatic categorization algorithm
  • and much more… Stay tuned and feel free to share your suggestions with us on the community!

Dive into your Budget

Feel free to share your opinion with us on the community, and give us a 5 ⭐️ rating on the Stores.

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Gauthier Derilleux-Bes
Product Designer
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Gauthier Derilleux-Bes
Product Designer
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